Hi everyone, this is Digital Abhi, your digital marketing friend. And today I am going to share my experience of Digital Marketing Internship at Indus Eximtech Pvt. Ltd

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Digital Marketing Internship

But before starting I need to share a couple of things about the internship. I started the internship on May 18, 2020. Initially, the internship was for 2 months. But then with mutual agreement, the internship was extended for 3 more months.

Also, I’m still doing this internship at the time of writing this post. So, I’ll start the post by sharing a little bit about the company. 

Indus Eximtech Pvt. Ltd

Indus Eximtech was founded in 1997, to help its clients in the US to extend their business to Indian markets & source services & products from India. The company has offices in the US as well as India. With head office at Mumbai, it has over 100 employees across India.

Indus provides assistance to the clients, right from start to finish. They provide clients with step-by-step guidance, knowledge about the market, and assessment for the potential of their products & services in the growing Indian marketplace. 

They have products and services in various segments including but not limited to IT, Healthcare, Construction etc.

My Role in the Company

I got this internship in Digital Marketing through Internshala. If you are a college student like me, you may know about it. As you would have guessed, I was hired for the role of Digital Marketing Intern in the company. The tasks I perform during the internship majorly include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Research
  • SEO Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Market Research and Assessment. 

I will also share about them in a moment, in case, you are not familiar with any of the terms.


As mentioned earlier, Indus Eximtech has a wide range of products in various segments. But during this digital marketing internship, my tasks are mainly focussed on three products:

  • Face Masks
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Solvent Cement.

I don’t think I need to share what is a face mask or what is a hand sanitizer. So, I will directly jump to Solvent Cement.

What is a Solvent Cement?

It is simply a glue which is used to join pipes and fittings in plumbing. Let me clear one thing, unlike the name, suggest, it is not cement. It is more like welding. As it melts the two pieces of PVC in one piece in the same way that a welder does.

And Indus Eximtech is one of the largest producers of solvent cement in Southern Asia. Also, outside Europe, Indus is the only manufacturer of THF Free solvent cement.

products indus eximtech

Work Profile

Now, something about my work profile. As mentioned earlier, my role in the company is of a Digital Marketing Intern. And what is Digital Marketing? Come on. You know it. Tell me in the comments if you know.

In the most simple words, when marketing is done with the help of digital mediums like smartphones, laptops, computers, etc, it is called Digital Marketing. Or in other words, it is having online visibility of your brand or business. You can do it with the help of a website or social media or online ads or any other online medium.

Digital Marketing is like a huge ocean. And this ocean can be categorized mainly into 9 different elements or segments:

My internship mainly revolves around Web Design Development and Search Engine Optimization or popularly known as SEO.

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Day to Day Tasks in the Digital Marketing Internship

Next comes the work I do in the internship. The first one is SEO Audit and Website Audit.

SEO Audit

SEO is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. And the purpose of an SEO audit is to identify the foundational issues and weak links and portions on the website which are affecting the organic search performance of the website.

Website Audit

A website audit identifies problems with website architecture. As a result, we get to know where to improve technical site performance. The website auditing process includes improving User engagement, User experience, and Functionality of the website. And it also includes keeping a check on Site health and Website performance.

tools in digital marketing internship

To spy and keep an eye on the competition’s tech profile and to know what kind of tech they are using on their website, I use BuiltWith and WhatsRuns.

These tools will show you the programming language used, widgets they are using, the CMS which is currently in use, the type of web server and Operating System they are using, and a lot of other useful data. 

Both of these tools are free to use. If you are following me on Instagram, you already know about the tools which I’m sharing here. After that, comes to the Keyword Research and Competition Research.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords and search terms that you want to rank for in search engines. It is one of the initial steps of SEO. It’s about understanding what potential customers are searching for. 

For example, let’s say you are into a footwear business. Now you would like to rank for the keyword ‘buy Nike shoes’ instead of ‘Nike shoes’. Why? Because the first keyword is having a buyer intent. So, the person searching ‘buy Nike shoes’ is more likely to purchase something than from the person who is searching ‘Nike shoes’. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keyword Research also involves analyzing and comparing keywords to find the best opportunities.

Competitor Analysis

And now Competitor Analysis. In marketing, Competitor analysis, or Competition Research is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. My focus is on analyzing and gathering data about the strengths and weaknesses of the online part of the competition’s business. 

tools in digital marketing internship

For Keyword Research and Competition Research, I use Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and Google Ads. AHrefs is a paid tool. And Google Ads is completely free to use. Ubersuggest has both free and paid features. And no Ubersuggest is not related to the cab company Uber. It is a great tool by Neil Patel. 

The next one is the Market Research and Assessment.

Market Research

Basically, Market Research is an organized effort to gather information about target markets and customers. 

Market Assessment

And Market Assessment is the evaluation of the potential of a new product, new business idea, or new investment. It studies the attractiveness and the dynamics of a special market within a special industry. 

Since Indus Eximtech is launching its own line of Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers. So, my job is to find the potential markets, and studying the competition, and some other related stuff. 

tools in digital marketing internship

For Market Research, I use Google My Business. It is a tool that people use to list their business online. And I think everyone is familiar with Google My Business.

And last but not the least, I use Streak along with GMail for CRM. Again, it is one of my favorites tools. It is basically used to create a sales pipeline.

One of the features I like in Streak is that when you send an email to someone, you can exactly know at what time they saw your email. You can even know from which location they checked the email and how many times they opened it.

I have used a lot of tools during the course of this Digital Marketing internship. But here, I have just shared only the main ones.

And as I told you above, here’s the video in which I am sharing my experience of the Digital Marketing Internship with Indus Eximtech Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Marketing Internship at Indus Eximtech Pvt Ltd

Conclusion (Experience in Digital Marketing Internship)

And at last, I would like to conclude with my experience. Honestly, I am having a really great experience working with Indus Eximtech. And obviously this is the reason that without any second thought I was ready to extend the internship duration. 

During the course of this digital marketing internship, I have learned a lot from the CEO, Mr. Alok Chandra Gupta, and my supervisor Mr. Akshay Gupta. And I am sure I’ll learn a lot more in the remaining time of the internship. And I am really thankful to them for giving me a chance to work with such a great company.

So, this was my post where I share about my Digital Marketing Internship with Indus Eximtech Pvt. Ltd. Thanks a lot for taking out time to read this post. And, let me know in the comments if you have done any internship. And how was your experience?  Also, if you have any doubts, questions, or queries, you can shoot it in the comments section below.

Other than that, you can connect with me on social media. And share your doubts directly there. I will be happy to help you. And stay tuned to Digital Abhi as I am consistently putting valuable content for you.

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