Do you often think: Do I need a Website? Should I have one? Why should I have it? Do I really need one? Hi, this is Digital Abhi, your Digital Marketing friend, a contented digital marketer. In this post, I will share the importance of the website and why you should have one.

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General Myths:

The first thing which comes in our mind when we think of having a website is – lots and lots of coding. But believe me, this is just a myth. Now technology is so advanced that you can create your own website within minutes. And that too without learning a single line of all that heavy coding stuff.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a 9th-grade student or a professional coder, everyone of you can have your own website. Now when I have cleared one of the biggest myths about websites, I can move forward on telling you the importance of website.

One of the best ways to create a website is through WordPress. You can check out my post on WordPress Tutorial to learn it for FREE. You can also see why WordPress is best for you.

Do I need a Website? Importance of Website

Importance of Website

When it comes to having a website, I can surely say that it can help a lot in building your career. But given that you leverage its proper potential. Let me clarify my statement with some examples you all can relate with.

Importance of Website for Freelancer

Let’s say you are a Freelancer. You say that I don’t need a website. I have all the freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr where I can get projects to work on. So, why do I need a website? Okay, I agree, you’re right. But here’s the twist.

If you have your own website it can give an advantage. You can stand out from all the other freelancers who are applying for the same project. How? You can ask your clients for reviews which you can then use as testimonials on your website. And once you have a decent base, you can approach clients directly from your website.


Or let’s say you are an artist or a designer. You are already putting your art and designs on Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media platforms. But if you are not leveraging websites as a platform, you are missing a lot. A question may arise in your mind: How having my own website will increase my profits?

So, here’s my answer. You can create a portfolio website where you can put all your designs, art and other awesome work. Along with these, you can also attach some great testimonials. And now if someone asks for samples of your work, you can just shoot them the link of your website.

So, let the world see the creativity inside you.

Do I need a Website? Importance of Website art website
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If you are someone who is passionate about writing, go create a blogging website and put your talent in front of the world. Introduce the hidden writer inside you to the world.

Institutes/Health Coaches/Gyms

Some of you who are watching this video are probably having an educational institute or health classes or gym. A short four-word sentence for you people- Go get a website. Tell people how they can be benefitted if they join your health club. Or how someone can improve their grades or learn some new skills if they join your institute.

A Bonus tip for your guys: Add location in your website so that people can find you more conveniently.

Importance of Website for Job Seekers

If you are seeking a job, you can have some kind of personal blogging website. On this website, you showcase your talent, your skills or tell about yourself. Connect it with all your social media. Add it in your CV or Resume. It will help you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Trust me, it works. I tried the same and it helped in getting an internship. Although I decided to not do it, that’s a whole different story. In short, you got my point. You know what I want to say.

Business Owners

And one of the most asked questions. I have a business. Should I have a website? What is the importance of a website for me? Will it help me in boosting my revenue? Sure, it will. Let’s say you have a hotel or any other retail store. Just make an e-commerce website for it. List all your products on it.

Your offline store will work for fixed hours in a day. But your e-commerce store will work 24X7. Now, someone will say that I can do that on Amazon too. Yes, you can. But on Amazon, you have to pay a lot of commission. Having your own e-commerce store will increase your profit margin.

Or the other way around, you can use both the online and offline platforms to boost the turnover of your business. Here’s a bonus tip for you. Add the location of your offline store on your website so that your potential customers can find you easily and make a walk-in purchase.

Do I need a Website? Importance of Website

Importance of Website For B2B

And what if you are in B2B? It works in business to business deals too. Your website will work as an online business card for you. It makes you look professional. It is easier to get and close some big deals when you are having a website for your business.

So, here comes a question. Can’t you grow your business without a website?

Yes, you can. But what I believe is, in business, speed matters a lot. You need to go with the trend. You need to adapt fast, or you will be out of the business just like Nokia. If you are having a business, doesn’t matter whether it is small scale or large scale, you can still grow without having a website for your business.

But if you start moving to the digital side of the world, you will notice that your business is growing much faster than it was growing earlier through the conventional methods. And then you will realize the importance of a website for a business.

Let me clarify one thing. Here, I am not saying that you should shut down your offline stores. What I am trying to convey over here is that you need to leverage both online and offline platforms for your business.

Do I need a Website? Importance of Website


Having a website for your profession gives you an online presence. It increases your online visibility. People get to know about you and your brand. A website can surely help you in boosting your brand’s awareness. You have a product, a skill, a talent, a creative mind. You need to put it in front of the world. And for this, there’s no better place than the World Wide Web.

General FAQ

Why do you need a website? What is the importance of a Website?

It doesn’t matter which business or profession you’re in, having a website can be really great for you. A website will give you great exposure and an online presence.

So, now here’s a quick question for you. Will you start your own website in the upcoming days? Tell me in the comments section. I hope you got some value from this post and got to know the importance of a website.

So, don’t forget to share this valuable information with your family, friends and loved ones. Stay tuned to Digital Abhi, I will consistently upload valuable content related to Digital Marketing.

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