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Optimizing Images in WordPress

To help you understand better regarding the topic, I have attached a video here. So, I will highly recommend you watch this video as it is easier to understand these types of tutorials with the help of a video.

How to Optimize Images in WordPress?

After watching the video, you can refer to these footnotes to have even a better understanding of how to optimize images in WordPress:

Need of Image Optimization

Firstly, we need to know what is the need for optimizing images? Look, we all use images on our website to make the user experience good. But sometimes the images are huge in size like 1 MB or 2 MB or 3 MB or maybe even more than that.

Now, what happens is, the more images you use, the slower your website gets. It is because images occupy a lot of space on your server. So the more images you are using the higher will be the space occupied on the server. And the slower will be the speed of your website. So we want to do is we want to reduce the size of images without affecting the quality of images.

What will happen if we do this? The images will occupy less space on the server. Also, the size of the webpage will be lower. So, our website will load faster. To compress the images in WordPress we will use a plugin called smush.

Optimizing Images using Smush

To install the plugin, go to Plugins in the left sidebar and click on add new. And search for ‘Smush’. This is the plugin we are going to use. It is one of the best plugins which you can use to optimize images in WordPress. As you can see it is already having one million-plus active installations. Click on install now and then Activate.

Now, if you notice, an extra option of smush is added in the left sidebar of our WordPress dashboard. Click on it. Now here you can see that smush is saying that you have seven attachments that need smushing. It means that we have seven attachments that we can compress.

So click on ‘Bulk Smush Now’. And the image optimization process will start. Sometimes this process can take a few minutes so you can just do some other task while smush is on the work. After a few minutes, you will see that the images have been compressed.

You can see how many images were successfully compressed. And how many of them encountered some issues. Sometimes you can face these issues. So, you can re-upload the images in WordPress and then again try compressing these images again.

So here you can see that smush has saved us 128 kb of space, approx 128 kb of space. Now you will say that 128 kb is very less, how it will affect the website speed? You can see that this is just a demo website that I have created just to show you some tutorials of WordPress.

But believe me, when you will create an actual website and start uploading content on it you will have hundreds of images. Maybe even thousands after some time. And then this plugin will prove to be really really helpful. It can save you a lot of space and help in improving the speed of your website.

The plugins smush also offer you some extra options. You can give them a try if you want. So this is how you can optimize images in WordPress using the Smush plugin.

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