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Social Media Icons in WordPress

I have attached a video here to help you understand better regarding the topic. So, I will highly recommend you watch this video as it will be easier to understand this with the help of a video.

How to Add Social Media Icons in WordPress?

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I will share how you can add the social icons in your WordPress pages and posts. I will share the example of posts and similarily you can do for pages also. So, move on to Posts and click on All Posts.

Adding Icons in WordPress Pages/Posts

Select the Post in which you want to add the icons. And then click on Edit. In the latest version of WordPress, you get an inbuilt option to add social media icons to your posts or pages. To do this, just open any post or any page and you will see a + sign here to add another block. Click on it and then search for social icons.

add social media icons wordpress

Under the widget option, you can see the option of social icons. Click on it. Now here you can see the different social icons are displayed in front of you. So, now let’s say you want to add your Facebook page. So, to do this, just click on the Facebook icon, then enter the link of the Facebook page. Then click on the arrow to submit the link.

Now let’s say we want to add our Instagram profile. To do this, click on the Instagram icon and enter your Instagram profile’s link. And then again click on the arrow. And once you are done, you have to click on Update to save the changes.

Similarly, you can add other social media icons also which link back to your social profiles. To see how these icons look like on your website, just open the corresponding post or page. Now let’s see how you can add these social media icons in sidebars or footers.

Adding Icons in Sidebars or Footers

To do this, we will go back to our WordPress dashboard. And now we have to install a plugin. For this, go to plugins and then click on Add New. In the search bar, search for ‘Simple Social Icons’. Now, this is the plugin we need to install. You will see that it already has 200,000+ active installations. Click on the button Install Now. And then click on Activate.

simple social media icons wordpress plugin

Now go to Appearance, then Widgets. In the Widgets option, you can find the widget of Simple Social Icons. Now let’s say, I want to add these social icons in Secondary Sidebar. To do this, I just need to drag and drop this widget into the secondary sidebar. Give a title to your widget.

The best part is you can also customize the icon according to your requirement. You can give background color, icon size, and all other stuff. You can customize it according to your requirement or the requirement of your website or blog. Now here you can see that it gives the option of entering the URL of all the social media profiles available on the internet right now.

To give you a demo I will just enter the link of my YouTube channel. And let’s do one more. Let’s enter the URL of Twitter also. Once you’re done, click on Save. Now let’s see how these social media icons look on our website. Go to the website and refresh it. Now as you can see the social icons are displayed on the secondary sidebar of our website.

Similarly, you can do for all the social media profiles which you have currently right now. You can do the same for footer also. We know that WordPress powers a major part of the internet. So, if you want to learn WordPress, you can check out the free tutorials I have created on WordPress.

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