Will you believe me, if I say that you can promote your products and services without even promoting them? Hi everyone, this is Digital Abhi, your digital marketing friend, and today I will share What is Content Marketing and why is it important. 

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What is Content Marketing?

In the digital world, we have a saying: Content is King. It can take a brand from scratch to top. So, basically what is Content Marketing?

It is the form of marketing where we focus on creating content in our niche and then distribute it to our targeted audience. For example, this blog that you are reading right now is also part of content marketing. 

It is highly effective when it comes to engaging with your targeted audience and potential customers. You make them aware of your niche, your industry, products, and services. In my words, it is simply the way you promote your products or services without promoting them. 

The CQC Formula

So how is it done? Just follow the simple formula of CQC which stands for Consistent Quality Content. You need to put up quality content for your audience and that too consistently. Let’s understand each word one by one. 


The first one is Consistency. If Content is King, then Consistency is the Queen. If you are not consistent, your fans your followers will stop following you. You need to be consistent in order to make your fans stay connected with your brand and business. 

Let me share my example. When I am consistent, the engagement rate on my content remains good. But when I don’t put anything for 7 8 days, the engagement and other metrics drop. And then it takes a few weeks to recover that. So, in short, be consistent.

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After that comes Quality. By quality, I mean the type of content which adds some value in the life of the people who are consuming it. People should have a reason to follow you. And that will be done when you put some effort into quality also. Don’t put the 5-10 years old boring stuff. 

Content (Relevant Content)

And the third one is Relevancy. By relevancy, I mean that the content you are putting should resemble with your brand. Let’s say you are into the tech niche. And you are putting up content related to fashion. Now that would be totally irrelevant. 

So, let’s say you are into the clothing business. Now you should put up content related to that. Like which fabric is best suited for every season. Or maybe like the best ways to dress for a party. And not content like how to choose the right laptop. 

So, this is the simple formula of Consistent Quality Content. Now let’s what the different kinds of content formats.

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Types of Content

It boils down to the four basic types of content: text, image, audio, and video. Let’s see different examples of each type of content.

For text content, you can start with blogs, articles, social media posts. And for image content, one of the most famous examples is infographics. They are easy to understand and bring high engagement. Another way round, you can create content for image-driven social media like Instagram. 

If you are comfortable in front of a camera, then you can go for video content. And then put on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

If you are not comfortable with the camera, you can start your own podcast. Here you are just going to use audio, so you don’t need to be afraid of the camera. You can use anchor.fm start your own podcast for free. And the best part is, it automatically distributes your content on all the major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and a few others.

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Example of Content Marketing

But why do all these efforts? Let me share an example. You approach a prospect saying that you’re a social media marketer but you yourself haven’t done anything on your own social media handles. So, tell me is the prospect going to start a business with you? Tell me in the comments.

On the other hand, you have great content on your social media and you’re consistently active there. Now this time, you have a live proof that loudly says that you are a great social media marketer. And this is going to boost your chances of getting a business.

I get most of my digital marketing projects in this way. People visit my profile, they see the content I put. They like it and then they contact me to work together. Let me share one of the cases.

There was this guy who consistently used to engage with my content. Then on one fine day, he messaged and said that he is following my account for the past few weeks. He liked the way I share the content on my profile and now wants me to work together on his brand. So, in short, I am promoting my digital marketing services without even promoting them.

Even the world-famous SEO expert Neil Patel says that putting up videos on YouTube helped him to increase the revenue of his business. Also, if you want to boost the revenue of your business, CLICK HERE or shoot me an email on contact@digitalabhi.com

How to start Content Marketing?

Now in a couple of lines, how to start with content marketing? First, choose a platform and start putting up consistent quality content over there. And once you have established authority, start expanding to other platforms as well. 

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Why Content Marketing?

I have shared all the basic stuff about content marketing. But still why you should consider it as a strategy for your business. Here’s why. 

Brand Authority

The first one is Brand Authority. When you are consistently sharing content with your audience and adding value in their lives, it builds authority for your brand. 

High Engagement

After that comes engagement. Believe it or not, content marketing is one of the best ways to interact and engage with your audience. Not only engagement, but it also helps you in retaining that audience. 

Helps in boosting the Revenue

And that the most important point reason, it helps you in boosting the revenue of your business. When people start getting to know you and your brand and they have trust in you, they would obviously like to do business with you. 

Here is a video for you to make you understand even better about the topic.

Conclusion and FAQs

I have concluded this entire post in form of FAQs. Hope you like it:

What is Content Marketing?

It is the form of marketing where we focus on creating content in our niche and then distribute it to our targeted audience. For example, this blog that you are reading right now is also part of content marketing. 

What are the different types of Content?

Content is of 4 types: Text, Image, Audio and Video.

Why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing boosts your brand authority, results in higher engagement and also helps in boosting the revenue of your business.

What is the CQC Formula?

The CQC formula stands for Consistent Quality Content.

So, this was a post on what is Content Marketing and how it can help you. Thanks a lot for taking out time to read this post. If you got to know something new, or if you have any doubt, do let me know in the comments section.

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