Hi everyone this is Digital Abhi! In this post, I am going to discuss what is Off-Page SEO. And the factors that affect Off-Page Optimization.

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What is Off-Page SEO?

Now coming back to the question, what is Off-Page SEO? It includes the external factors and actions which affect your rankings in the search results. Most of these factors are beyond your control.

For example, the backlinks to your website or webpage. Or the social signals like how many people are sharing your content.

As you cannot control if someone wants to link back to your website or not. Similarly, you cannot control how many people will share your content. And since all this happens outside the website, it is also called Off-site SEO.

Importance of Off-Page Optimization

So, what is the need for Off-Page SEO? Why is it important? We know that search engines are user-centric. They want to provide the best experience to their users. And off-page SEO factors help them decide which website to show in search results.

How? It is all about off-site signals. If a particular website has more authority in a particular niche. Or maybe having more social sharing. Or maybe having better links, then that site is going to rank higher than the one with weaker off-site signals.

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Factors for Off-Page SEO

So, what are these factors and signals? There are basically three factors that affect Off-Page SEO. 

What is Off Page SEO? Ranking Factors for Off-Page Optimization

1. Links or Backlinks

The first and most important one is Links or Backlinks. More the number of backlinks higher will be the ranking. Why? Because when a lot of websites link to a particular website, then it indicates that a particular website is trustworthy.

It is like asking for a referral. And not only the number of links, but the quality of links also matters a lot. How? For example, let’s say ABC has 10 links from low authority websites. And a website XYZ has 10 links from high authority websites. Then XYZ is going to rank higher than ABC.

You can understand it like this. On one hand, a small business owner says that Digital Abhi is a great social media marketer. And on other hand, the CEO of some multibillion-dollar company says that Digital Abhi is a great social media marketer.

Whose statement are you going to give more preference? Obviously the CEO. Similarly, the backlink from a website of 70+ Domain Authority is much more than the backlink from a website of 10 Domain Authority. 

2. Social Signals

The second factor is social signals. Search Engines also see what kind of response you’re getting on social platforms. An article with more social shares is going to perform better than an article with less social shares, given that other factors are the same.

But why does this happen? Because more social shares indicate that people like that particular article. And it has some great information which can help the users.

3. Authority or Brand

And the third factor is authority or brand. If you establish an authority in your niche, then it is going to be very helpful for you. It is well known that the search engine giant Google rewards brands.

People searching for your brand or domain name strongly indicates authority. Other activities like brand mentions and reviews also help a lot. All this gives signals that people trust you and your brand.

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Conclusion (Off-Page SEO and its factors)

I have tried to conclude this whole article in form of an QnA snippet. I hope it helps.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off Page SEO includes the external factors and actions which affect your rankings in the search results.

What are the factors that affect Off-Page SEO?

There are basically three factors that affect Off-Page SEO:
– Links/Backlinks
– Social Signals
– Brand or Authority

So, that was all about Off-Page SEO and the 3 factors affecting it. Thanks a lot for taking out time to read this post. I hope this episode added some value to your life. If it did, do hit the like button. Or if you have doubts, comments, or queries, you can let me know in the comments.

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