Tiktok Tiktok Tiktok! Every other social media expert is saying to get your brand on Tiktok. But why? Hi everyone, this is Digital Abhi, your digital marketing friend, a contented digital marketer. And in this post, I am going to share 7 reasons to answer the question – Why is Tiktok so Popular?

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Why is Tiktok so Popular?

If you are reading this, maybe you have installed the Tiktok app or maybe you haven’t. But I can say one thing with 100% surety that you must have seen at least one video which is made on Tiktok. 

And how can I be so sure? Because with over a billion installs, it’s everywhere. So, here are some reasons which will explain to you why TikTok is so popular. And also, these are the reasons why I think Tiktok is so popular. So, your views and opinions might be different from mine.

Reason #1: No Fancy Setup Required

The first reason is it doesn’t require any fancy setup. To be an influencer on Instagram, you need some great clicks, videos, and moreover a great caption. But unlike Instagram, Tiktok doesn’t require any fancy setup. You just need your smartphone and some talent or maybe cringy talent.

Reason #2: Easy to Use

The second reason is it’s easy to use. Tiktok gives you a wide range of filters, effects, and editing options. So, you don’t need to be a professional video editor to edit your videos. So, that makes this app very easy to use. And because of this, from people living in metro cities to the people in small villages, you can find everyone on Tiktok.

Reason #3: Content Format

The next reason is the content format. In Tiktok, you can put short videos in vertical format. Also, these videos have a time limit of 60 seconds. So, a person watching a video doesn’t skip it. Some of the people may think that it’s cringe but others like it. They even share it.

Yes, I also think that most f the content on this app is cringe and weird. But you will also find some great accounts with great content. And it is same with every platform. You will find both great and worthless content.

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why is tiktok so popular

Reason #4: Content Variety

The next reason is the variety of content. And this is my personal favorite. Initially, Tiktok was just about lip syncs, dance videos, and a lot of cringe videos. But now when you open Tiktok, you see a huge variety of content including motivational videos, educational videos, business tips, makeup tutorials, comedy skits, science experiments, and a lot of other stuff.

And yes, you can find the content variety on each platform. But the one minute time limit makes it somewhat unique. The one thing which takes Tiktok to the next level is its challenges. Every day when I open up the app, I see a new challenge and a new trend. I have never tried one but some of these challenges are really awesome. 

Reason #5: People’s Urge to get Famous

The next reason which makes Tiktok so popular is the people’s urge to get famous. I mean, who doesn’t want to get famous. Who doesn’t want that thousands if not millions of people know them and like them?

In the past few months, Tiktok has made a lot of famous people. These are the people who went viral because of this app. Whether you know or don’t know the names of these viral people, you must have seen their faces on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media.

Some of these viral celebrities from Tiktok also got to shoot songs for music companies. Some of them got to sponsor huge brands. But how can someone get viral and become an overnight TikTok celebrity? 

I don’t know. Even most of the people don’t know. You must have noticed that some creepy videos get millions of views while some with good content don’t get even a hundred views. 

Musical.ly Is Shutting Down, Users Moved to TikTok Video App – Variety
Image Source: variety.com

What I believe is, the more your videos get engagement, the higher are the chances to go viral. By engagement, I mean likes, comments, and shares. And you never know which of your videos will get hit and get thousands of likes and shares. So, you need to be consistent. 

Reason #6: Businesses Love It

The next reason is businesses love it. Tiktok has a huge base of users from every sector and demographic of society. Also, people spend a lot of time on this app, making videos and viewing videos. 

So, from a business perspective, one can easily find his perfect audience to engage with. If you are a business owner. It’s not that tough for you to reach your potential audience on this platform. You can do it by creating some informational videos for them or by running ads.

Also, a few months back, Tiktok have launched The Edutok Program. They are investing $10 Billion in this program.

Reason #7: It’s Addictive

And the last reason is, it’s addictive. People are addicted to Tiktok. Even sometimes I also feel that. It’s like a mini version of YouTube. I don’t think it is as great as YouTube. Or it is something which we can consider for long term like YouTube. But there’s one thing common in YouTube in Tiktok. You just have a constant urge to watch the next video.

Why? Because it’s filled with the type of content which makes it addictive. There are videos which makes you laugh. There are videos which makes you say ‘wow’. And yes, there are also videos on which you’ll say what the hell is this? Why is it getting so much likes and views?

So, tell me one thing, what do you think of Tiktok? Tell me in the comments. And here is the video on what we just discussed above.

Why is Tiktok so Popular?

Conclusion (Why is Tiktok so Popular?)

Tiktok’ s growth and popularity have exploded over the past few months. It is now in one of the most popular apps on the App Store and Play Store. Some people like this app and some don’t. Yes, I agree that there’s been a lot of discussion about the cringe and weird content on it.

And we have also seen that people get famous without any special talent. On the other hand, someone with a hell lot of talent gets ignored. But the thing is instead of focusing on others we should look into what we are doing. If you’re good at what you do, put it out on Tiktok. I am sure one day or another you’re going to get traction.

Remember the most important thing, be consistent. And it’s only with Tiktok, it’s with every platform out there.

General FAQ

Why is Tiktok so Popular?

According to me, these are the reasons behind Tiktok’s popularity:
1. No Fancy Setup Required
2. Easy to Use
3. Content Format
4. Content Variety
5. People’s Urge to get Famous
6. Businesses Love It
7. It’s Addictive

So, these were all the reasons why is Tiktok is so popular. Thanks a lot for taking out time to read this post. I hope you got some value from this and if you did do let me know in the comments.

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